Imok is a Rome based musician.

His music is a commistion of  ambient atmospheres with classically structured music; aimed at creating his own language as a bridge  between sound research and the compositional one; seeking to merge the sound design angle  and the aspect of armony and melody.

Imok’s research as a musician has lead him to approach to several Art forms ranging from cinema to photography as a composer of music or performance items for these forms of Art.

Therefore, he has written soundtracks for short films, performaces for art exibitions and music for Art websites.

Imok collaborates permanently both with Stockastic Resonance, a collective of musicians and performers, with which [*] has released a record, and the improvisation collective NED where he plays electronic guitar.

He has studied Jazz guitar with Umberto Fiorentino.

He attended composition lessons at Licinio Refice conservatory.